Enjoy over 15 hours of recorded presentations from the world's top plant-based experts!

  • Dr. Neal Barnard: “Avoiding Alzheimer’s: Power Foods for the Brain” & “A Nutritional Approach to Type 2 Diabetes”

  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman: "Applying Principles of Human Longevity to Slow Aging” & “Cooking Techniques and Recipes for Great Health”

  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer: “The Transformation of Clinical Fasting from Quackery to Cutting-Edge Research”

  • Dr. Frank Sabatino: “The Impact of Stress on Health, Disease, Aging and Weight Loss” & “Plant Exclusive Nutrition and the Gut-Brain Connection: The Impact on Inflammation, Heart Disease, Cancer, Anxiety, and Depression”

  • Dr. Stephan Esser: "Autoimmune Disease: Quelling the Fire Within" & "The Intersection of Orthopedic Medicine, Movement, and Nutrition: Why What You Do and How You Move Affects Your Orthopedic Health"

  • Dr. Pam Popper: “The Censorship Mentality: Scientific Fraud and Academic Freedom in Health Care”

  • Dr. Nathan Gershfeld: “Balance: Living Healthy in an Unhealthy World”

  • Chef AJ: “Ten Commandments for Overcoming Your Weight Loss Obstacles”

  • Victoria Moran: “Plant Based Living for Slow Motion Aging”

  • John Pierre: "Love and Compassion: The Universal Antidotes"

Recordings Release Date: July 9, 2019

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  • Dr. Joel Fuhrman: "Fast Food Genocide"

  • Dr. Alan Goldhamer: "Escaping the Pleasure Trap"

  • Dr. Frank Sabatino: "The Fountain of Youth: The Science of Healthy Plant Based Living"

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